When Dryer Vent Cleaning is Mandatory

There has to be good reason why condominium associations require that dryer vent installed in condominium unit must be cleaned every two or three years. That reason is actually very important, to prevent the risk of fire incident. No wonder because clogged dryer vent is among the biggest causes of house fire cases in this country.

The actual culprit is the lint, tiny fabrics or fibers detached from clothes during the washing. During the drying process, the lint along with the moisture are carried by hot air disposed through the vent. The lint can stick on the filter or even on the inner surface of the vent creating buildup that will become bigger after some time. That buildup that clog the vent and creating risk of fire. Dryer vent cleaning becomes very important because you need to protect your family and property from the risk of dryer fire and also to meet the requirement of condominium associations. In this case, you need to hire professional dryer vent cleaning service with top reputation. Luckily, we have 50dryerventcleaning to offers best quality dryer vent cleaning Mercer County NJ. This company is a full-service provider for dryer vent cleaning with years with the most reliable expertise and complete resources.

It is important to know that 100% clients of this contractor live in condominium associations. This contractor knows well what kind of solution they need. Its highly trained team has experience with all types of dryer vent design and able to do the cleaning works with optimum result. Not only that, this contractor is ready to provide certificate to proof the dryer vent has been cleaned. The certificate is accepted by condominium associations in this county. Moreover, the rate for dryer cleaning rate is very competitive. It will be feasible for your budget and more importantly, you can sleep like a baby at night knowing that your family is protected from possible risk.

3 Easy Tips for Caring For Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are always an investment. Part of what makes them a good investment is their durability and their timeless appeal. Unfortunately, there’s more than a couple of ways to jeopardize those qualities.

Daily wear-and-tear are nothing for good-quality planks. But, it’s the hidden stuff that could end up turning your solid investment sour. Basic maintenance will keep your floors pristine, and add years to their lifetime.

Here are three simple ways to keep your hardwood floors solid:

  1. Watch out for your four-legged friends

Pets aren’t exactly known for their manners. Tracking in dirt, leaving behind old slobber and, of course, fur… Your floors take a beating from the critters.

When your pet’s pitter-patter gets loud, you should be hearing small scratches form on your floors. To ease this, simply keep the little nugget’s nails clipped. Doing so helps them keep their paws clean, and your floors scratch-free!

For dogs especially, eating and drinking can be a messy process, so keep your floors protected by placing a mat beneath the food and water bowls.

  1. Clean your floors regularly

There’s no substitute for general upkeep. Luckily, cleaning hardwood floors is easier than virtually all other surfaces. With just a few supplies and a knock for consistency, you can ward off most of the damage your floors will face.

In addition to sweeping and dusting, keep an eye out for factory-approved floor cleaner for an even deeper clean. Then, just clear out any remaining grit. Make sure to always rinse whichever applicator you’re using, otherwise you may end up with uneven streaks or other discolorations.

Whatever you do, never -EVER-  wet-mop your floors. Doing so will ruin the hardwood finish and accelerate its aging.

It’s also incredibly wise to ensure that your floors are kept in prime environmental conditions. Keeping your home between 60 and 80 degrees and within 30 to 50 percent humidity will ensure their stability for years to come.

  1. Use Protection

Not only is furnishing your home an extremely annoying process by itself, but if you have hardwood floors, you must be extra careful.

Moving furniture is always a game of avoiding scratches, that’s why it’s important to use floor protectors, such as felt-backed and non-abrasive.

One thing to pay particular attention to is your rugs. Both rubber and plastic-backed rugs can trap moisture between them and the planks, causing discoloration over time. Only using rugs with a more natural backing, such as felt, can minimize this risk.

You can also use rugs and move your furniture around to block out another major risk-factor, sunlight. Because wood is a natural substance, sunlight affects the cells within it, causing it to expand slightly or discolor. Moving furniture around and covering the most exposed areas with a rug will prevent sunlight from ever hitting one spot too much for long enough to damage it or discolor it.

There you have it, three simple and easy ways to keep your hardwood floors clean and intact for years to enjoy!

Warning Signs That Your Home’s Exterior Is Due for a Repaint

If your dog whimpers as he hobbles from paw to paw or your heater suddenly malfunctions, will you sit by idly, basking in the frigid winter air or turning a blind eye to your pup’s agonizing howls? The same type of urgency that you’d have in these situations also applies to the need to maintain your home. While routine upkeep isn’t exactly a glamorous task, your home is one of your most valuable investments and a bit of TLC over the years will preserve its integrity.

When it comes to the exterior of your home, the paint is one of your first lines of defense when your dwelling encounters the elements. In addition, the physical appearance of the paint will enhance your home’s curb appeal and add to its resale value should you decide to put your property on the market. There are several signs to look out for that will indicate that it’s time to repaint your home’s exterior.

Discolored or Faded Paint

Whether you live in a climate where the sweltering sun is present year-round, or it simply makes a seasonal appearance, intense UV rays are known to bleach paint over time – especially for darker shades. However, if fading is present on an area of the home that is shaded by neighboring trees, that’s typically symptomatic of water intrusion. Keep your eyes peeled for stains that trickle downward or any water-soluble matter that has permeated through the surface and is now visible on the outside of your home. Because water leaks can cause extensive damage if not addressed immediately, you should enlist the help of an expert as soon as the issue is uncovered.

Snap, Crackle, & Pop

If your paint exhibits symptoms like bubbling, cracking, or flaking, this often indicates a substance breach, meaning the paint’s water-resistant properties have failed. Climate-related factors, including bitter winters, extreme storm systems, high humidity, blistering sunlight, and the salty ocean air, can deteriorate your paint’s weatherproof barrier and cause mold, wet rot, or dry rot to manifest.

Newly Constructed Homes

Contractors will customarily apply a single coating of paint to pre-primed wood, which provides a sufficient level of protection in the lumber yard, but from a shrinkage or swelling-perspective, is inadequate. If feasible, have the wood primed prior to installation. Within the first 3 to 5 years of living in a newly constructed property, blanket your property with a high-quality paint designed for durability and longevity.

Stiff or Hardened Caulking

Like the infrastructure of a bridge, many caulks can expand and contract to mirror the needs of your home. But after prolonged exposure to the wrath of frosty nights, boiling summer days, and harsh weather systems, the elasticity of your home’s caulking will begin to deteriorate. A quick way to evaluate the state of your caulk is to apply firm pressure with your hand to the material and assess its level of resistance. Solid, inflexible beads are an immediate indicator of potential damage and the need to re-caulk before applying a new layer of paint.

Repainting your living space before neighbors can catch a glimpse of the unsightly spectacle of peeling or chipping paint is not only beneficial for reducing the likelihood of damage to your exterior, but is also a great way to amplify curb appeal.

When You Need to Cool the Air

Data center is very crucial facility because this is the place to store and operate computer servers and networks. Those servers must be kept in ideal condition for optimum operation and that’s including the ideal environment. The servers are sensitive to heat, humidity, and poor airflow. That’s the reason why data center needs to have proper climate control system to maintain the whole facility in ideal temperature and ideal humidity.

It would be a big problem when the air conditioner stops working from any reason. Even when the data center has multiple air conditioners, one unit suddenly stop working will increase indoor air temperature and it will affect the servers’ performance. There could be downtime on the data center network causing data loss. There’s no other option than getting the air conditioner unit repaired right away. C&S ac services is the name you can always count on. This is the leading HVAC contractor serving New Port Ritchie, FL and greater area. This HVAC contractor has expertise and complete resources in data center air conditioning system. It has experienced installing air cooling systems on data center facilities and also highly experienced for maintenance and repair works. You will only need to call and within few minutes, team of technicians will come to the facility. Trained technicians supported with advanced tooling, they will precisely find the issue and fix it right away saving you from worse possible trouble.

Of course, this contractor isn’t only serving data centers or commercial customers. It is also serving residential customers and actually, they are the actual base of their market. Whether you want to install new HVAC system or you desperately need home air conditioning repair, this contractor is always ready to help. You can trust C&S AC Services for best quality service at competitive cost.

Trusted Electrician to Hire in Glasgow

Acquiring an old house my come with affordable price, but there could be several things to repair and renovate to make it more proper home for your family. Among the important things is upgrading and even possibly replacing the old electrical wiring with the new one.

Old electrical wiring can cause voltage drop and power loos. This will make the electrical system has low efficiency and you need to pay more for electricity bill. The old wiring may also cause unstable electricity supply and in the long run, it can damage your electrical appliances. The worst of all, old wiring has dangerous risks of electrical shock, short circuit, and fire. This is the reason why electrical system inspection is very important and rewiring the system would be a better option. It is true that this is a big project with big budget but safety must be on top of priority and moreover, it can offer big save on electricity bill in the future. It is only right when you hire the best Electrician Glasgow West End for the best result and it means you need to hire Mr. Electric. This is the leading contractor with highly respected electrical experts serving area of Glasgow and surrounding cities.

Mr. Electric has affiliated Glasgow based electricians who are licensed and has years of expertise in their professional fields. All electricians are well trained and familiar working on many projects small to large scale. Contact Mr. Electric’s 24/7 hotline service and you will be connected with affiliated electricians near your area. There’s no need to hesitate. All electrical services provided by Mr. Electric’s affiliated electricians are NICEIC approved and insured for your peace of mind. For high quality service, you will love to know the rate for their services are highly competitive. So, there’s no need to delay the rewiring project any longer.

What You Need To Do When You Lost Your Car Keys

Losing your car keys can be very frustrating. When you realize that your car key is no longer in your pocket and you can’t seem to find it anywhere, panic definitely will be your first reaction. But actually, there is nothing to worry about because there are many ways you can do to get a replacement key and use your car again.

But if you want the easiest and fastest method, you simply need to find the best locksmith that provides replacement keys in Scottsdale AZ. There are many advantages you can get by letting a professional locksmith handle this job. Firstly, it is much cheaper and faster. You can always call your dealer and tell your problem. However, the dealer will need to process everything first before you finally can get your new car key. Furthermore, buying new keys from the dealer can be extremely expensive. If you call a locksmith, you don’t have to worry about this since they can give you the new key in the same day and you don’t have to waste too much money for this.

You might be worried that the locksmith will not be able to do the job, especially if you have newer cars that come with remote key fob or transponder chip keys. Those car keys have special programming system that connects exclusively to your car to prevent theft.

You don’t have to worry about this thing as well because professional locksmiths nowadays have excellent programming tools and capability. As a result, they can create a replacement key with the same programming system with your car. If you have old car that’s produced before 1995, everything will be even simpler. The traditional key doesn’t need any programming at all and the locksmith can create the replacement in no time. So, instead of wasting time and money by going to the dealer, trusting a professional locksmith will be more convenient for you.

Why Building Inspection Is Important Before Purchasing a Property

Building inspection is a very important thing that you absolutely need to do before purchasing a property. Buying a new property will cost you a lot of money, so maybe you will be reluctant to spend more budget to call Sydney building inspections service. But building inspection is very crucial and you cannot miss it even though you need to skimp.

There are some reasons why building inspection is very important. The first one is to make sure that the building you are about to buy is in a good condition. A good building inspector will tell you the major and minor defects they find in the building and whether or not those defects will cause more damages in the future. Furthermore, it will also check for the signs of asbestos contamination in the building. Asbestos exposure can be very dangerous. If you are setting the building for commercial purposes and it turns out that there is Asbestos exposure there, you are going to face such a big trouble.

Pre-purchased building inspection will also find out whether the building is infected by pest or not. When it comes to pest inspection, building inspection will not only tell whether there is ongoing infection but also whether there is a history of pest inspection in that building. This information will help you take necessary action on what you should do to prevent the pests from coming back.

If you find something wrong about the building after the inspection, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should cancel your plan to purchase the building. If you think you can deal with the cost of the renovation, you can actually continue your plan. The proof of the inspection will give you a higher bargaining position and it is possible that you can purchase the building with significantly lower price.

The Benefits of Adding a Veranda to your Home

It would be great to make some changes to your home. You can create fresh atmosphere and also creating new space to accommodate more activities. How about building a veranda? That’s one thing you need to consider because it will give your family many benefits and home value wise, it will increase the prestige of your property and will also significantly increase its value.

Veranda or also commonly known as porch is a covered open air space integrated with the house. Verandas becomes an extension of the house on the exterior side. Adding verandas is definitely a big project and surely, it won’t be cheap. You need very good reason to even consider a plan to add veranda to your house. Well, let us explain the luxurious benefits you will get by adding veranda to your home.

Protected Outdoor Space

Spending time outdoor is a good thing and veranda can accommodate it while still keep you protected from the weather. You can enjoy the sceneries outside the house better while keep sheltered since verandas is a covered structure.

Entertainment Space

Veranda can be an ideal cozy space for many fun things. You can sit there with the family enjoying the afternoon on the autumn. Or you can invite friends over beer or wine on summer nights.

Aesthetic Factor

A well designed and well built veranda will make your house look better. From the outside it will significantly improve the aesthetic value of your house.

Property Value

With more space, better accommodation, and improved aesthetic, there’s only one reasonable result: the property value will be significantly increased. Even it will get higher rate of property value increasing on the future.

Building veranda may spend a lot of money. But from all the benefits explained above, it doesn’t need business degree to see it as a good investment with good prospect.

Best Social Practices for Home Improvement and Builder Companies

Home improvement and building companies having built life-long customers through generations of great service and products. In the digital age, more and more of these companies are using digital tools and strategies to enhance the level of service they provide customers.

If your company isn’t already using social as a part of your marketing, here are three key social practices for home improvement companies to utilize and where to start.


As a home improvement leader, your company not only sells products that enhance and improve your customers’ home or business, but you care about how your customers are using your products and want to highlight their success. This drives engagement, building loyalty and advocacy for your brand.

How do you get your customers to engage? A first step in building your brand for customer engagement is leveraging a social platform that you consistently post to/update. For home improvement companies, a blog is a perfection foundation for building customer engagement.

Lowes’ blog is branded, “Creative Ideas,” and the company consistently posts do-it-yourself (DIY) home projects, complete with steps and resources needed.

The blog highlights customers who’ve completed projects by engaging with them through their social channels like Facebook and Twitter:

Showcasing real-life examples of successes with your products humanizes your business with customers and shows them they can have the same wins using your products. Learn more about how to personalize your brand through content through this blog post.


Email is perfect for personalizing content specific to your customers’ interests and purchase history. Tools like MailChimp make it easy to segment lists based on customer behavior. Your company can also leverage email to follow up on a recent purchase:

Take it a step further and include a survey in your follow-up email to gauge how well your customer’s experience was, and follow-up accordingly. If they had a poor experience, it’s not too late to win their loyalty. Offer a discount or refund to show you care about the service your company provides.

Pinterest is one of the first resources customers go for inspiration on a home renovation – no matter how big or small their project may be. Creating a Pinterest page complete with boards that cover a wide range of projects serves the multitude of customers your serve.

Home Depot leverages Pinterest to:

- Drive more brand awareness

- Shape the company’s brand by building a company personality

- Drive users to the company’s website through promoted pins.


With over 342K followers on Pinterest, Home Depot is able to leverage its social presence to create boards based on customer engagement by identifying which pins are being re-pinned the most, or which boards have the most followers.

How to Get More Leads for Home Improvement Contractors

With the ever-increasing competition in the market, businesses need to keep finding new ways to expand their market reach. This is no different for a home improvement contractor, a kitchen contractor or HVAC expert. In order to expand your business, try these few ways of marketing.

Technology has been diversifying in the world has a much wider scope as compared to any other means of communication. Internet users all over the world are increasing by the minute. That’s why online marketing is growing rapidly. It has proven to be a very effective way of selling your product or making yourself known to prospective customers. You can use various methods to market you services online, including writing a blog, search engine optimization, maintaining social media accounts and e-mail marketing.

E-Mail Marketing

It is one of the oldest ways of marketing your services. Despite the ubiquity of spam, many people read e-mails from trusted sources. Through e-mail marketing, you can make people aware of the sales and offers and even send them monthly newsletters to make them aware of the activities that your business has been doing. This keeps the customers interested in your business for a long time.

Search Engine Optimization

In the recent times, it has become one of the most popular ways to market your website. SEO is a way through which your website appears on a search engine result page. You choose some keywords for your website which helps rank your site in search results, though other factors affect your rating.


It is yet another way through which you can market your services online. If you maintain a website and you want to attract more people, it is important that you keep on adding new content on your website. This lets the users engage with your website in more than one way. You could blog about things relating to home improvement and if a user seems interested, he may land on your website and actually become a customer. Blogging helps you generate more traffic on your website which can convert potential customers into real ones, especially when readers share blog entry links on their social media pages.

Social Media

It is one of the cheapest ways to market your business. Opening up social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more let you get in direct touch with a lot of people. It allows small businesses to market their products/services in the most effective ways and absolutely free of cost. The most important thing to keep in mind while opting for this method is keeping the content engaging and short. According to one study, pictures rather than lengthy articles interest more people on social media websites and hence businesses should be putting up more facts and engaging pictures on their social media pages to grab more and more attention.

With the innovations in the world happening every day, marketing is not far behind. The tricks of marketing also keep on changing with the times. But these few tricks will stay relevant for a long time and improve the leads for your business.